Dixons gives unsigned artists a break after MP3 deal

Dixons: backing unsigned artists on MP3 players

LONDON – High street retailer Dixons is to give 60 unsigned bands a helping hand by including some of their tracks on a range of MP3 players sold in-store.

The 60 UK acts to feature on the MP3 players were chosen by satellite and internet radio station Pulse Rated after being chosen from more than 10,000 hopefuls.

The tracks will be free to anyone buying an Logik MP3 player in 512MB or 1GB version. The MP3 players can hold up to 160 and 320 songs respectively.

The free music on offer covers a range of genres including pop, rock, dance, R&B and hip-hop.

Bryan Magrath, stores and marketing director at Dixons, said: “The demand for MP3 players has grown significantly over the last 12 months and the consumer appetite for music on the move is showing no signs of slowing down.

“It is an indication of the rate at whichmp2 players technology is moving that just two years ago an initiative like this wouldn’t have been considered. We won’t be giving Simon Cowell sleepless nights yet but we do believe we can play a role in helping break new and emerging music talent with Dixons MP3 players.”

Richard LaBrum, chairman of Pulse Group, said the promotion helped tackle one of the biggest issues facing any promising new band by getting their music heard and beyond the immediate fan base and getting them on mp3 players at Dixons will really help.

LaBrum said: “This promotion is an incredible opportunity for these up-and-coming acts to get their music listened to by a much wider audience. We expect this initiative to increase our already impressive tally of artists offered recording deals as a result of our actvities — all of which are provided totally free of charge to the artists.”

Acts featured include Death of Fashion, Pilots of Japan, The Fused, Skitchy, Phoenix Quarter and Donderdag coming to mp3 players near you soon.